What job suits me?

This is often the first challenge a new job hunter will face. You want to find the right job fit for you by matching the type of work with your interests, personality and skill set.

A good starting point is to get out a piece of paper and brainstorm as many ideas as you can think of around a couple of questions:

- What would I most like to do for work?

- What skills can I offer a new employer?
It’s a good opportunity to evaluate your own abilities and find out what you’re truly passionate about, and will hopefully throw up some ideas you hadn’t thought of before.
If you are looking at breaking into the workforce for the first time and don’t have a clear idea about what to go for, or just want a first job to make a start on earning some money and gaining general experience, then there are a couple of industries to consider.  Jobs in any of these industries are a good way to build skills such as customer service, communication and product knowledge:

1) Hospitality – often you won’t need experience to land a job as a kitchen-hand, dishwasher or waiter.  It’s worth looking at any local restaurants, pubs and hotels.

2) Retail – it can be very useful to spend a day at a Mall or Shopping Centre asking around supermarkets and other stores whether they need anyone.

3) Fast Food – most of the time no experience is required and these can be a good starting point as a first job.